Talent Management: Aligning Passions with Business Results

Harrison Assessments award winning solutions exceed the results of other talent management methods and personality tests by aligning people's qualifications and passions with company-specific jobs. Our unique Paradox Technology™ identifies employees and applicants who are three times more likely to achieve business results. Save up to 70% administration time with our talent acquisition and succession planning solutions. Engage and retain top talent and build high performing teams with our unique employee development and employee engagement tools. Try for free now.
Talent Acquisition
Hire and retain top talent
Talent Development
Target strengths and gaps
Employee Engagement
Build a culture of engagement
Succession Planning
Automate talent pipelines

Harrison Talent Life Cycle Solutions

U Transition Limited is proud to be an authorised reseller of Harrison Assessments

U Transition Limited is a coaching, learning and development consultancy that believes in enabling positive, lasting change and realising potential. If you are looking to recruit new team members, develop, grow and retain those already with you, build careers, improve employee engagment or help your leaders to lead more effectively, U Transition Limited can help.

Whether you are an individual or a business, U Transition Limited will work in partnership with you to develop and deliver pragmatic, bespoke coaching, training and development solutions which are tailored to your specific goals and objectives and that inspire and improve performance and growth. We work with passion, integrity and commitment to help guide you through your challenges and periods of change in order to achieve your goals drawing on various leadership development techniques, coaching, NLP, MBTI and Harrison Talent Management Solutions.

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